A comparative analysis of Top Splicing Machine in Bangladesh-based on market share, quality, price, warranty & customer satisfaction

A fiber optic fusion splicer is a device that uses an electric arc to melt two optical fibers together at their end faces, to form a single long fiber. Internet and Cable TV operators are the main user of splicer. The number one thing to know about fusion splicers: how to choose one depending on the job at hand. A number of perspectives on how to choose a fusion splicer are given below. Please refer to the above when choosing one fusion splicers for purchase. The major Top splicer machine in Bangladesh are as follows:

Fujikura is a Japanese Brand which is one of the leading fusion splicing machine manufacturer over the world, they launched FSM-70S/FSM-80S, the new released unit with wind-protector from dust, moisture, and mechanical damager. Fujikura FSM-80S designed for speed, reliability and security, this Fujikura 80s replaces the previous model Fujikura – 60S. The main difference for FSM-80S and FSM-70S is FSM-70S support multiple language, while FSM-80S only support Chinese, and English, while FSM-80S/FSM-70S Fusion Splicer with faster splicing time and heating time than FSM-60S Splicing Machine.

FONSBD is the only Authorised Distributor in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Big NTTN, ISP and Cable TV operators are using Fujikura splicing machine due to quality, stability and long lasting low loss product. Though midium and small operators want to use Fujikura splicing machine but yet not able because of high price. Automated wind protector / tube heaters, 6 seconds splicing and 9 seconds tube heating, ruggedized body, improved carrying case, wireless communication functions, multi-function transit case with integrated work station, slide in AC adaptor.

Big cable TV and Internet operators are using this professional grade splicing machine. Also use by NTTN operators in Bangladesh. Due to high price, medium and small are not interest in this brand now a days.

Sumitomo Splicing Machine is the lightest, smallest, and most advanced core alignment optical fiber fusion splicer in the industry; yet it’s also more rugged with superior dust, shock and water-proof resistance, making it the ideal choice for even the harshest environments. Performance and specifications that advances fusion splicing technology and Competitive pricing with good sales service after delivery. Sumitomo Electric achieves low-loss connection by utilizing its world-class mechatronics technologies. Main Features are Low splicing loss, High Speed, Durability, and Easy to use & maintain/repair.

Sumitomo Splicing Machine major model are TYPE-72C+ , T-57, T-400S, TYPE-201e-VS, TYPE-201e-M4, TYPE-72M12 & Z2C.

Model Z2C is one of the best Japanies machine which has huge demand in Bangladesh market. it’s wide and high-resolution touch screen panel, compact and lightweight, 6-second ultra-fast splicing, 20-second ultra-fast heating, video tutorial to help to splicer, IPx2 / IP5x water and dust protection, remote support via internet, upgrade software via the internet, 2.1 Kg weight including battery.

A leader of fiber fusion splicers in China, also a high-tech company focusing on the research and development of fiber optical equipment and solutions. Shinho was built up in 2012, but the core technology team have more than 20 years experience in the industry, we are devoted to supplying high quality products and reliable services to customers all over the world. After a few years  development, Shinho products are broadly known and trusted by different clients world widely, more than 10,000 units fusion splicers are delivered to more than 50 countries and areas every year, like USA, South America, Russia, India, Pakistan, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, etc. We are sincerely looking forward to building a long-term business relationship with every customer!

Shinhu Splicing Machine major model are X-86, X-86H, X-97, X-900, X-910, A3 etc. Model X-97 & A3 is are the best running splicing matching in Bangladesh. Major verdor’s are Tech BD, ITES Global Enterprize, Sadia and Triplrplay Technology BD.

SHINHO Fusion Splicer X-97 Fiber fusion splicer is a 4-motor fusion splicer with fiber core alignment technology, GUI menu design, upgraded CPU. It has very stable performance and low fusion loss (average loss lower than 0.03dB), it is a very economical fusion splicer and suitable for FTTx/ FTTH/ Security/ Monitoring, etc. projects. Shinho A3 Splicer, is high precision PAS alignment system, Splicing time 6 sec., heating time 30 sec, Fast boot technology, More than 240 times splicing and heating, Resist dust, rain, wind, and shock, Fiber type identify, AUTO splicing mode, Easy to change electrodes and fiber holder, High speed USB, maintenance via the Internet.

AC-Net optical fiber splicer machine assembled in china is suitable for and FTTH and cable TV digital system. AC-Net optical fiber splicer machine has 100% true loss report display after splicing, 7800 mAh battery provides 400 nos splicing, high performance and low maintenance, suitable for rough conditions in Bangladesh.

The product is branded by RASA Technologies which was founded in the year 2009. Its mission then and now is to import resell and integrate world class networking products at an affordable price. To develop quality technology solutions and provide reliable support for many different types of organization. We offer complete systems integration in areas such as networking, remote communications, CCTV solution and Internet solutions.

AC-Net Splicing Machine major model are F-90X, F-95 and F-95X the best running splicing matching in Bangladesh.

AC-Net F-90X optical fiber splicer machine has 100% true loss report display after splicing, supports FTTH and cable TV digital system, 7800 mAh battery provides 400 nos splicing, high performance and low maintenance, suitable for rough conditions in Bangladesh.


Splicer Machine DVP-760 has compact and light weight design, fully automatic operation, 5000m altitude, splicer machine system test, color LCD monitor, pause function, storage 8000 groups of splice results, USB and DC, battery capacity up to 120 times of continuous splice and heat.

DVP Splicing Machine major model are DVP-760, DVP-760 PRO the best running splicing matching in Bangladesh.

Nanjing DVP is a leading Chinese manufacturer of fiber optic fusion splicing equipment. DVP offers several models of fusion splicers that can capably handle all of your fiber splicing needs. DVP fiber splicers are packed with great advantages and features like large color LCD displays that offer a comprehensive assessment of all settings and operations, auto-calibration, multiple programming modes, onboard storage of splicing results for later analysis, accurate splicing operation even in the presence of strong wind, automatic and manual splicing modes, and advanced system diagnostics to ensure perfect splices every time. And they also manage to do this while remaining very economical! They’re definitely a good choice when you need a high-quality splicer for an affordable price.

Other known splicing machine is Fiber Fox Mini – 4S, 6S, AI – 7,8,9 and Tumtec V9 Mini in Bangladesh. Beside the above in the market there are many brand available now a days.

Splicing Machine Band in Bangladesh – a Comparative Analysis

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Major Internet and Cable TV operators are using above-band products. A large portion of operators is using the low-quality product at a low price. Operators are not educated, therefore they use low price machines at vendors/supplier choices in Bangladesh. Hence, splicing is not adequate and fiber loss is high which leads to an interruption in customer services.

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