Internet ONU market in Bangladesh

A comparative analysis with the major brands – based on quality, price, warranty, and customer satisfaction.

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is Chinese multinational telecommunications company founded in the year 1987. Indoor optical network terminal (ONU) in Huawei FTTH solution by using the EPON, GPON & XPON technology. Basically those products are used by internet operators to reciving optical signal in the customer home premises.

Huawei has economical, standard, and high-end products. But in Bangladesh, most of the importers are importing economical low-end products at minimum cost.

Rural area internet is the major purchaser. Now a days, refurbished ONU are imported and internet operators are purchasing those low-grade ONU. As a result, internet customers are suffering for stability and uninterrupted services. Huawei quality onu also imported by few importers which have warranty and guarantee.

Founded in 1994, BDCOM is one of the leading providers of network solution such as Switching & Routing, WLAN, EPON, GPON and xPON; and a major OEM/ODM serving 50%+ global top brands. Provident technology is the local partner.

Provident Technology helps operators providing technology strategically to grow the operator’s business, manage more effectively.

They are one of the the major OLT and ONU provider in Bangladesh. They are providing standard OLT and ONU products which have 1-2 years of warranty. The stability is adequate. The price depends on the warranty period. The price is a little higher than other similar product.

GUANGZHOU V-SOLUTION TELECOMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (VSOL TECH) is a Sino-Dutch Joint Venture founded in April, 2007, which is invested by two dutch entrepreneurs with registered capital of 30 million yuan RMB. It is headquartered in High-tech Core Area of Science City of Guangzhou. Rasa Technology is their local partner.

RASA Technologies was founded in the year 2009. Our mission then and now is to import resell and integrate world class networking products at an affordable price.

The are also one of the major OLT and ONU provider in Bangladesh. They are providing standard ONU with 1 year warranty. V-sol ONU has standard quality.

C-Data Technology Co. Ltd was found in 2009, which is located in Shenzhen, China. CData is a high-tech enterprise that provides CData EPON/GPON, ONU/OLT, WLAN, EOC products, and FTTH and FTTX applications solutions. Excel Technologies Limited Authorized IT distributor for C-DATA in Bangladesh.

Excel Technologies Ltd. is a leading ICT company in Bangladesh. It has established a strong foothold in this competitive market. Since the inception in the year 1999. The company is trying in the most pragmatic manner to provide excellence in products and services to its customers that suits their interest perfectly.

They are providing standard quality ONU with 1 year warranty. But Price is high at this point which effected it seeding in Bangladesh.

Major Internet operators are using different band products. A large portion are using EPON and GPON technology OLT. This causes integration problem between OLT and ONU. Operators are using low cost ONU which result in poor performance. Therefore, the internet customer in Bangladesh is not satisfied with their internet service due to speed and stability.

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